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The Most Unbelievable Sight in the Sky


Charles Morris reports that the comet is now a 0.2 magnitude object and has a 40 degree tail!

"1996 Mar. 22.47 UT: m1=0.2, Dia.=80', DC=8, Tail: 40 deg in PA ~240...NE.... Charles Morris (Gorman, CA) [This is the most unbelievable sight that I have ever seen in the sky. Where to begin...To the naked eye, the motion of the comet was obvious in a matter of fact, there was a sense of motion just looking at it. The tail was much brighter than three mornings ago - the last time I saw the comet without clouds around. The first 15 degrees of the tail is quite bright. The rest is much fainter, but there. In the 26cm L (45x), the individual rays from the gas tail were followed out at least five degrees - a first for me. Using 156x, there was a prominent jet coming out of the intense central condensation. It was directed back toward the tail. (This was not the tail, itself.) Two other jets or brighter regions around the central condensation were also seen.]"

Charles S. Morris /

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