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Pearson Observatory Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observers: Jochen Rink, Kim Brownlee, Jan Schaeffner
Location: Pearson International College Observatory, Victoria, Canada
Date: March 13, 1996 04:00 UT

Pearson International College Observatory, Victoria.
March 13th False Colour and gray scale.

      March 13, 4:00am
      Photo by:Jochen Rink, Kim Brownlee, Jan Schaeffner
      Composition by: Paul Gurney
      Right Ascension: 14 h 55 min Declination: -16.3 degrees Near
      Zubenelgenubi (not to be confused with Zubeneschamali!) in
      Libra. Very near (slightly above) the ecliptic. Tail and
      water-droplet shape is noticeable in the false-color image.
      Using 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain Meade Telescope and ST-6
      CCD camera

Submitted by ScienceWeb.

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