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Public Observatory Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observer: Philippe Molett
Location: Public Observatory MIRA, Grimbergen, Belgium
Date: March 4, 1996 02:50 UT

An image of Hyakutake made at Public Observatory MIRA, Grimbergen, Belgium. Despite full moon, a hazy sky, and the comet standing a few degrees above the light pollution of Brussels (couldn't see him in a 20cm SCT), I did manage to capture him on CCD (just a 60 seconds shot before clouds came over). Almost the only clear moment for two weeks!

Celestron Comet Catcher (f=500mm, f/3.5), Cookbook CCD-camera.
4/3/96 (March 4, 1996), 2h50UT.

Worst image I ever made, but the comet is visible!

Philippe MOLLET, Grimbergen
Philippe & Geertrui Mollet-Cornelis

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