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Schiaparelli Observatory Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observers: Sarah Cavalli, Joel Zunato
Location: Schiaparelli Observatory, Mount Campo dei Fiori, Varese, Italy
Date: March 3, 1996 04:19 UT

Image of comet Hyakutake C/1996 B2 taken 1996 Mar. 03.18UT with a Celestron 14 Schmidt Camera (focal length of 600mm and an aperture of 350mm). Hyperized Kodak Tp 6415 film.Time of exposure 4' 30". The picture has a field of 53'x 76'. The magnitude extimated with a 7x50 binocular is 6.1.Tail is about 10'.Moonlight influence. In the upper left corner of the image there is a satellite track.

Picture by Sarah Cavalli, Joel Zunato, Schiaparelli Observatory, Mount Campo dei Fiori,Varese (Italy), Societa' Astronomica Schiaparelli.

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