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Snyder Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observer: Douglas Snyder
Location: San Jose, California
Date: March 8, 1996 12:45 UT

This is a negative image of Comet Hyakutake, 1996B2, taken on 8 March 1996 at 1245 UT from San Jose, California, with a 90% moon present. The image was taken with an ST6 CCD camera attached to a 25cm telescope working at f/6.3. Focal Length of approximately 1600 cm. The Field of View of the image is approximately 14' x 10' (arcminutes). This is a track & accumulate image of 10 each, 60 second exposures, with guiding locked to the comet's coma. The image has been flat-fielded and no filtering was used. North is up.

Douglas Snyder
San Jose, California
email address:

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