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Toth Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Observer: David Toth
Location: West Summerland Key, Florida
Date: February 16, 1996 08:38 UT

This is a 2 minute ST6 image of C/1996 B2, taken at 0538 EST on 96/02/16; from West Summerland Key, FL with an Astropysics 180mm f/7 refractor. Guided on starfield with ST4. Dark-subtracted and flat-fielded only.

Resample to square pixels with skypro. Comet was south of ? colliding galaxies ESO512-18 and ESO512-19. ? glare lower right from a field star ???. Was more pronounced in a 5 min. exposure.

David B. Toth, MD Eden, NC


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