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Whiddon Images of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake








Copyright 1996 W. B. Whiddon
Observer: Bill Whiddon
Location: Red Rock Canyon State Park, California
Date: March 24, 1996

These 7 images of Comet Hyakutake were taken 24 March, 1996 near Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA. by Bill Whiddon with an 8 inch f/1.5 schmidt camera on hypered Fuji RD100 film. The images were scanned from commercial prints by Paul Harris without enhancement. Exposure midtimes (UTC) and durations were: 07:26 - 2 min, 07:51 - 5 min, 08:16 - 10 min, 09:38 - 1 min, 09:46 - 2 min, 10:02 - 5 min, and 10:28 7 min. The field covers approximately 4 by 6 degrees. The coma is about two degrees across, corresponding to a diameter of 575,000 km. Ion rays show well with this emulsion, and the "turning" of the rays by several degrees is evident over the three hour span of the exposures. A kink in one of the rays propagates from the head, covering some 195,000 km in three hours, for an average speed of about 18 km/sec. At the time of these exposures, Hyakutake dominated the sky, with 60 degrees of plasma tail visible.

Copyright 1996 by W. B. Whiddon

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