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Yen Image of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake


Copyright 1996 Bob Yen
Observer: Bob Yen
Location: Mojave, California
Date: February 24, 1996 10:31 UT

8" f1.5 Schmidt Camera (300mm FL) hypered TP2415, 4 min exposure. Mojave, CA. Feb 24, 1996 2:31 AM PDT (10:31 UT)

Copyright 1996 Bob Yen

There is a dust tail - very faint (roughly west / northwest). I measure at least 2.5 deg; it appears to continue off the frame. It has structure, 2 dust streamers. The one farther north is longer, and expands in breadth. The other streamer is shorter, and is separated from the 1st by a "dark lane".

The 35mm neg was scanned in PhotoCD, processed slightly in Photoshop. Minor contrast adjustment to bring out tail.

I visually observed in a 5.1" f/8 APO refractor (1016mm). At 145x, I noticed a very pinpoint condensed nucleus. The coma was diffuse, asymmetrical. It was very noticeable in my 8x50 finder as a fuzz blob.

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