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Comet Hale-Bopp Images - July 1995


oca_t.gif gif.gif27K jpg.gif21K
Copyright 1995 Wayne Johnson and OCA
Observer: Wayne Johnson
Location: Orange County Astronomer's Anza Observatory
Date: July 24, 1995 7:49 UT

Comet Hale-Bopp near M-70 the night following the comet's discovery. North is to the right. The photo is a 30 second CCD integration with the 22 inch Kuhn Telescope at the Orange County Astronomer's Anza Obseratory.

klet1_t.gif jpg.gif22K
Observers: J. Ticha, Milos Tichy
Location: Klet Observatory, Czech Republic
Date: July 24, 1995 20:36 UT

Image taken with 0.57-m f/5.2 reflector + CCD camera SBIG ST-6 of Klet' Observatory and is 20 seconds exposure. The field of view is 10 to 7.5 arcminutes with north to the top and west to the right. The comet is on the left from the center and was on the declination -32 degrees.

meyer_t.gif gif.gif59K jpg.gif25K
Observers: Erich Meyter and Herbert Raab
Location: Linz, Austria
Date: July 25, 1995 21:30:01 UT

Image taken only two days after the comet has been discovered. It is an unfiltered 30 second exposure, taken with a ST-6 CCD camera on a 300mm f/5.2 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at prime focus. The filed of view is about 15' x 20'.

amos_t.gif jpg.gif93K
Observers: J. Africano, D. Nishimoto, P. Kervin, E. Helin & Others
Location: Air Force Maui Optical Station, Hawaii
Date: July 26, 1995 UT

Here is a 180 second exposure R Filter image taken with the JPL CCD on a 1.2m telescope. What you see is here is a raw image. No image processing.

garradd_t.gif jpg.gif108K
Copyright 1995 Gordon Garradd
Observer: Gordon J. Garradd
Location: Loomberah, New South Wales, Australia
Date: July 26, 1995 09:39 UT

300 second exposure using a 0.25m f/4.1 reflector from Loomberah, NSW.

strange_t.gif gif.gif64K jpg.gif18K
Observer: David Strange
Location: United Kingdom
Date: July 26, 1995 23:15 UT

CCD image taken from the UK with the comet barely 7 degrees above the horizon.

amos1_t.gif gif.gif60K jpg.gif7K
Observers: John Africano (AMOS), Eleanor Helin (JPL), Daron Nishimoto (AMOS) & others
Location: Air Force Maui Optical Station, Hawaii
Date: July 27, 1995 10:00 UT

This image was taken with the 1.2-meter telescope at the Phillips Laboratory Air Force Maui Optical Station (AMOS) in a collaborative effort between AMOS and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which furnished the solid-state image sensor and processed the image.

steward_t.gif jpg.gif88K
Observer: Dave Harvey
Location: Steward Observatory, Tuscon, Arizona
Date: July 28, 1995 06:30 UT

Image taken with C-14 @ f/11 using AX-2 CCD camera (KAF-1600) binned 3 x 3. Poor seeing and low altitude detracted from overall image quality. Image processed with IRAF - flat field imperfect since 60% of telescope aperature was obscured by observatory wall. Exposure time - 30 seconds.

strange1_t.gif gif.gif80K jpg.gif59K
Observer: David Strange
Location: Worth Hill Observatory, Worth Matravers, Dorset, United Kingdom
Date: July 28, 1995 22:12 UT

This image is composed of 4x40sec exposures taken with a Starlite Xpress CCD and 50 cm f/4 Newtonian. A false colour palette has been added to enhance detail.

kcao_t.gif gif.gif26K jpg.gif17K
Observer: ???
Location: Kumanmoto Civil Astronomical Observatory, Japan
Date: July 29, 1995

240 second exposure. 41cm F5 reflector & cooled CCD camere, Teleris-0400.

uh3_t.gif gif.gif104K jpg.gif45K
Observer: Dave Tholen
Location: University of Hawaii
Date: July 29, 1995 UT

Color image made from separate 30 second exposures though B (blue), V (green) and R (red) filters using the University of Hawaii's 2.2-meter telescope. Because of the comet's motion, the stars in the B, V, R images do not register exactly - each star appears as a sequence of overlapping red, green, and blue dots. The field of view is 220 x 127 arcseconds.

so1_t.gif gif.gif43K jpg.gif33K
Observers: Kazuyuki Ito
Location: Sengamine Observatory, Hyogo, Japan
Date: July 29, 1995 1301 UT

30 second exposure taken with a 0.20-m f/6.0 Reflector.

palomar_t.gif gif.gif139K jpg.gif42K
Observers: Eleanor Helin, Donald Hamilton, Brian Kern
Location: Palomar Observatory, California
Date: July 30, 1995 UT

This image was taken with the 60-inch telescope at Palomar Observatory. The new comet was imaged on using a CCD camera system. It shows the comet in the center of the star field. The image is a 10 second exposure.

cgo1_t.gif gif.gif60K jpg.gif22K
Observer: Ralph Pass
Location: Andover, Massachussets
Date: July 31, 1995 02:04:09 UT

This is four minute exposure taken with a Cookbook 245 and a Meade LX200 8" f/6.3. In case you cannot tell, the comet is just to the right of center.

cgo2_t.gif gif.gif38K jpg.gif56K
Observer: Ralph Pass
Location: Andover, Massachussets
Dates: July 31, 1995 02:40 UT, August 1, 1995 02:10 UT

A Cookbook 245 CCD was used without the low noise modification. A Meade 8" f/6.3 LX200 was used for the exposure with no guiding during the exposures. The exposures were four minutes each. For each image, a dark field was subtracted and a flat correction applied. The images were then median filtered and then the pixels were made square. A log enhancement was applied to each of the images.

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