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Comet Hale-Bopp Images - August 1995


cgo2_t.gif gif.gif38K jpg.gif56K
Observer: Ralph Pass
Location: Andover, Massachussets
Dates: July 31, 1995 02:40 UT, August 1, 1995 02:10 UT

A Cookbook 245 CCD was used without the low noise modification. A Meade 8" f/6.3 LX200 was used for the exposure with no guiding during the exposures. The exposures were four minutes each. For each image, a dark field was subtracted and a flat correction applied. The images were then median filtered and then the pixels were made square. A log enhancement was applied to each of the images.

saao_t.gif gif.gif105K jpg.gif66K
Observer: Dave Buckley
Location: South Africa Astronomical Observatory
Date: August 1, 1995

Image taken with the 1.0-m telescope at SAAO Sutherland with a 200s exposure through an I filter. North is at the top and East to the left.

steward1_t.gif gif.gif389K jpg.gif75K
Observer: Dave Harvey
Location: Steward Observatory, Tuscon, Arizona
Date: August 2, 1995 06:34 UT

This image was obtained from Kitt Peak using the Steward Observatory 90 Inch Telescope. A Loral 2kx2k CCD was exposed for 30 seconds while the telescope tracked the comet. Field of view is approximately 4 x 4 arcminutes.

uh1_t.gif gif.gif226K jpg.gif105K uh2_t.gif gif.gif491K jpg.gif310K
Observer: Neil Trentham
Location: University of Hawaii
Date: August 2, 1995 UT

R-band (red) image (on the left) University of Hawaii's 2.2-meter telescope. The field shown is 7 x 7 arcmin; exposure time was 60 seconds. In a deep stretch of this same image (on the right), the comet is seen to extend almost to the edge of the CCD field.

uh4_t.gif gif.gif839K jpg.gif254K
Observer: Neil Trentham
Location: University of Hawaii
Date: August 2, 1995 UT

Color image using the University of Hawaii's 2.2-meter telescope. The field is the same as shown in the R-band image above, and the image was carefully color calibrated so that a solar type star would appear white. In this image, the comet is not a colorful object - its coma has a color similar to (but slightly redder than) the color of the Sun. Since the comet moved slightly between the red, green, and blue exposures which make up this image, the background stars do not register exactly.

nor_t.gif gif.gif205K jpg.gif37K nor1_t.gif gif.gif204K jpg.gif24K
Observer: Arto Oksanen
Location: Nordic Optical Telescope, Canary Islands, Spain
Date: August 2, 1995 23:50 UT

CCD image taken with the 2.5m Nordic Optical Telescope. Image on left is an unprocessed raw image with false colors. Image on the right is the same in grays.

jkt1_t.gif gif.gif37K jpg.gif17K jkt2_t.gif gif.gif36K jpg.gif15K
Observers: Robin Catchpole, Peters Andrews
Location: Royal Greenwich Observatory, United Kingdom
Date: August 3, 1995 01:35 - 02:00 UT

The comet was imaged by the JKT using exposures of 250, 250 and 600 seconds, with V, R and B filters. The comet moved significantly during the course of the exposures. The three images obtained have therefore been combined in two ways. In the first the comet is exactly registered causing the stars to blur and in the second image the stars are registered causing the comet to blur. The field of view is 3.5 arc mins on the side which, at the distance of the comet of 560 million miles, corresponds to 575 000 miles, about the diameter of the moon's orbit about the earth

cgo3_t.gif gif.gif49K jpg.gif21K
Observer: Antonio Jose Cidadao
Location: Oeiras, Portugal
Date: August 3, 1995

32 images of 60 seconds each in "track-and-accumulate" mode taken with Meade LX100 10" telescope. Image taken from an apartment roof-top and processed with CCDOPS and Abobe Photoshop.

farrell_t.gif gif.gif86K jpg.gif47K
Observer: John Farrell
Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico
Date: August 4, 1995 06:13 UT

Time is the median of four 60 second exposures with a C-14 at f/7 and an AX-2 CCD camera, which was binned 3x3 because of poor seeing. Observation from Los Alamos, NM, lat 35d 49', long 106d 11' W, elevation 6320 feet.

eso9_t.gif gif.gif33K jpg.gif20K
Observer: Anders Erikson
Location: European Southern Observatory, La Silla, Chile
Date: August 4, 1995

Image taken with the 60cm Bochum telescope at ESO (La Silla, Chile) and the DLR CCD camera system with a 1024x1024 Tektronics chip.

eso_t.gif gif.gif17K jpg.gif12K
Observers: Chris Lidman, Patrice Bouchet
Location: European Southern Observatory, La Silla, Chile
Date: August 5, 1995

This false-color infrared (1.5-micron) image was obtained with the 2.2-meter telescope on La Silla, Chile. The field is 2.2 arcminutes square. Courtesy the European Southern Observatory.

mssso_t.gif gif.gif143K jpg.gif39K
Copyright 1995 Australian National University
Observers: G. Garradd, D. Asher, R. McNaught, D. Steel
Location: Siding Spring Observatory, Australia
Date: August 6, 1995 UT

The tricolour image was made using the ANU 1.0m telescope at Siding Spring Observatory. The yellow colour of the coma on the North side of the comet indicates it is composed of dust and is shining by reflected sunlight. North is to the right.

steward2_t.gif gif.gif111K jpg.gif88K
Observers: Adam Block, Carl Hergenrother
Location: Steward Observatory, Arizona
Date: August 10.25, 1995 UT

Image taken with the 21" University of Arizona, Steward Observatory Campus scope and ST6 CCD camera. Image taken on Aug 10.25,1995 UT when the comet was 7.00 au from the sun and 6.20 au from the earth.

wilson_t.gif gif.gif169K jpg.gif53K
Observer: Charles Morris
Location: Mount Wilson Observatory, California
Date: August 11.21, 1995 UT

This CCD image was taken using the TIE 60cm f/3.5 telescope and a ST-6 CCD. Exposure was 40 seconds and the image is unfiltered and has been flat fielded.

teide_t.gif gif.gif43K jpg.gif84K
Observers: M. Kidger, J. Gonzalez Perez
Location: Teide Observatory, Canary Islands, Spain
Date: August 14, 1995

R filter exposure, 2000 second exposure. Image taken with the IAC80 Telescope (0.82m).

teide2_t.gif gif.gif227K jpg.gif72K teide3_t.gif gif.gif229K jpg.gif119K
Observers: M. Kidger, J. Gonzalez Perez
Location: Teide Observatory, Canary Islands, Spain
Date: August 14, 1995

Sum of 5 images taken in the R filter. Total time exposure: 2000 seconds.

teide1_t.gif gif.gif74K jpg.gif106K
Observers: M. Kidger, J. Gonzalez Perez
Location: Teide Observatory, Canary Islands, Spain
Date: August 15, 1995

Four images taken with the IAC80 Telescope (0.82m).

so2_t.gif gif.gif48K jpg.gif36K
Observers: Kazuyuki Ito
Location: Sengamine Observatory, Hyogo, Japan
Date: August 15, 1995 1134 UT

30 second exposure taken with a 0.20-m f/6.0 Reflector.

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