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Comet Hale-Bopp Images - May 1996


kenyon1_t.gif gif.gif277K jpg.gif77K
Observer: Dave Kenyon
Location: Kenyon Astronphysical Observatory, California
Date: May 12, 1996 10:07 UT

8" f4.5 10 min exposure w/ a ST-7.

naom1_t.gif gif.gif94K jpg.gif9K
Observers: Gabriel Garcia, Lorenzo Olguin
Location: National Astronomy Observatory, SPM, BC, Mexico
Date: May 14, 1996 11:30 UT

Image taken with 1.5mts reflector telescope. The exposure was 5 minutes with CCD Thompson.

nao7_t.gif gif.gif263K jpg.gif153K
Observers: H. Fukushima, N. Yamamoto
Location: National Astronomy Observatory, Japan
Date: April - November 1996

Images taken using the NAOJ 50cm reflector with a CCD camera.

love1_t.gif gif.gif69K jpg.gif44K
Observer: Terry Lovejoy
Location: Jimboomba, QLD, Australia
Date: May 18, 1996 15:36 UT

Comet Hale-Bopp 1995O1 exposed 120 seconds using a custom-made CCD camera in conjunction with a 16cm f3.3 Takahashi reflector. The following processing has been applied: Dark frame correction, NO flat fielded and histogram equalisation. Note the faint broad dust tail extending outside the field of view (F.O.V. 0.75 x 0.50 degrees).

kcao3_t.gif gif.gif221K jpg.gif49K
Observer: ???
Location: Kumanmoto Civil Astronomical Observatory, Japan
Date: May 22, 1996

180 second exposure. 41 cmL F6.0 STARDOM/BT-11C.

re5_t.gif gif.gif361K jpg.gif121K
Observer: Pedro Re
Location: Portugal
Date: September 1995 - July 1996

All images were obtained from central Portugal with a C14 and HISIS22 CCD Camera.

crni6_t.gif gif.gif64K jpg.gif29K
Observer: Herman Mikuz
Location: Crni Vrh Observatory, Slovenia
Date: May 24, 1996 01:35 UT

False-color CCD image of comet Hale-Bopp, taken with the 20-cm, f/2 Baker-Schmidt camera, ST-6 CCD and V filter. Exposure time was 180 sec. The frame field of view is 1.2x0.9 deg.

hanon3_t.gif gif.gif145K jpg.gif25K

hanon3a_t.gif gif.gif69K jpg.gif13K
Observer: David Hanon
Location: Ringgold, Georgia
Date: May 24, 1996 04:04 UT

First image is a false color image of Comet Hale-Bopp. The exposure was 20 minutes with my 180mm Astro-Physics refractor and ST-8 ccd camera. A focal reducer was used giving an effective focal ratio of f/6. The image was cropped to about 20 arc minutes across. North is up.

lao_t.gif gif.gif204K jpg.gif57K
Observers: A. Vesel, P. Repinc
Location: Ljubljana Astronomical Observatory
Date: May 25, 1996 01:48:32 UT

Unfiltered false-color CCD image taken with the 25-cm, f/11 S-C telescope. Exposure time was 200 sec. The frame field of view is 12.0x9.3 arc min.

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