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Comet Hale-Bopp Images - May 1997


ampo203_t.gif jpg.gif7K
Observer: Ian Griffin
Location: Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory, Cocoa, Florida
Date: May 15, 1997 00:49 UT

20 second exposure of Hale Bopp, taken through a Lumicon Swann Band filter Image taken using an SBIG ST8 CCD camera in medium resolution mode (18 micron pixels) Image taken through a 12 inch f5 Maksutov, field of view approximagely 0.3 degrees x 0.2 degrees.

staf16_t.gif jpg.gif34K
Observers: Mark Stafford, Kay Brown
Location: Arma, Kansas
Date: May 15, 1997 02:10 UT

Canon EOS 35mm with an 80-200mm lens set at 200mm, Fuji SuperG 800 film, 30 sec. exposure, and mounted on a tripod with no tracking.

forr36_t.gif jpg.gif26K

forr37_t.gif jpg.gif26K

forr38_t.gif jpg.gif25K
Observer: Tim Forrest
Location: Coatan National Forest, Newport, North Carolina
Date: May 16, 1997 01:05-01:20 UT

135mm f 2.8 25 seconds KODAK Royal Gold 1000.

renn15_t.gif jpg.gif17K
Observer: David Renneke
Location: Milan, Illinois
Date: May 16, 1997 02:32 UT

This picture was taken using a Meade 8" telescope and an SBIG ST-6 CCD camera. This was a 15 second exposure. The size of the above photo is 28' x 18' (arc minutes).

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