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Ireland Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


ire11_s.jpg20K ire12_s.jpg14K
Observer: Dale Ireland
Location: Hood Canal, Washington
Date: May 2, 1997 06:00 UT

1. Hale-Bopp comet reflected in Hood Canal WA, as it sets behind the Olympic Mountains, May 2, 1997 0600 UT (11pm local time). Hood Canal is an arm of Puget Sound, about 5-7 miles across at this point, the mountains in the far distance about 6-8,000 ft high. A break in the haze and clouds revealed the comet and many stars. We were even able to watch the nucleus disappear behind the mountains and photograph just the tail rising from the peaks. 58mm Nikkor Noct lens, f/1.2, fuji 1600, 20-30 sec.

2. Hale-Bopp May 2, 0500 UT, 500mm f/4, PPF400, 1 min. The comet was low and in haze which reddened it and made the ion tail nearly invisible.

Dale Ireland

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