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Johnskaas Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


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Observer: Ragnar Johnskaas
Location: Lillehammer, Norway
Date: April 10, 1997 21:30-22:30 UT

1. Fuji Super + 800, 28mm at f/2.8, 30 sec and was blurred with clouds, and the spotlights at the church were switched off.

2. Fuji Super + 800, 0 mm lens at 20 second exposure.

3. Fuji Super + 800, 28mm at f/2.8, 30 seconds. The foreground illuminated with car lights.

4. Fuji Super + 800, 28mm at f/2.8, 25 seconds.

5. Fuji Super + 800, 28mm at f/2.8 , 30 seconds.

Like a lot of people all over the world , I am very fascinated by comets. I remember seing the tail of Hyakutake stretching almost all over the sky at a particular clear day, not knowing it was possible to catch it on film with simple equipment.

When Hale-Bopp appeared on the evening sky in late March, my brother,with some help from reading "Astronomy" got some good shots of the comet. So I decided I also would give it a try.

All photographs are taken in Norway within a 50 km distance from Lillehammer ( the 1994 winter olympic site). The photographs taken on the 10th of April was a very special experience for me. It started on the 9th of April. My brother and I had decided to take some shots at the comet. With a Fuji Super G Plus film in my camera, and a totally clear sky everything was looking perfect, when at about 22.00 Hale-Bopp rose above the horizon. We took shots at the comet at three different places within 10 km distance ;

1) The lokal church
2) The bridge over lake Mj¿sa
3) The home of a norwegian author

When we got back I was supprised to see the great number of photos in the film, and the reason , of course: The film had not been properly inserted. I had not taken a single photograph ! I drove off once again, but this time the sky was blurred with clouds, and the spotlights at the church were switched off.

Ragnar johnskaas

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