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Johnson Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


johnson5_s.jpg34K johnson6_s.jpg19K
Observer: Rick Johnson
Location: Whiskey Dick Mountain, Washington
Date: April 6, 1997 04:45-06:00 UT

The first image is a 2 minute exposure with a Ricoh camera and 50 mm lens using Fuji HG 400 film. Tracking was with a trusty, homemade Barndoor Tracker. Perseus and the Double Cluster in view. 6:30 UT.

The second image is a 3 minute exposure through a Meade LX-200 8" (1280 mm F.L., f/6.3) and OM-1 using Fuji Super G 800. (Developer's scratches of scanned negative are apparent.) 4:45 UT.

Rick Johnson

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