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Karlovic Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


kar13_s.jpg26K kar14_s.jpg24K
Observer: Zelko Karlovic
Location: Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia
Date: May 8, 1997 09:07 UT

The images attached were photographed from Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia. Latitude S34degrees 08 min, E141 degrees 44 min. Images exposed on 1997 May 8.38 UT Exposures were done with a Nikon FM and 35-70 zoom at 30 seconds on F3.5 using Fuji 400 negative film. On this night the sky was totally covered with cloud up to sunset, but I waited as it was to be my final night here. With out any warning the clouds split near the horizon to reveal firstly, the 1 day old moon then in a gap Hale-Bopp crept from behind the cloud . The comet presented it self for a mere 15 minutes as if to tease me before the clouds closed in. I spent most of the time looking at it with the binoculars and for a short period with the C8. With the C8 I saw an amazing sight with Iota Tauri creating a double nucleus.

Zelko Karlovic

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