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King Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


king1_s.jpg56K king2_s.jpg16K
Observer: Jimi King
Location: Wimbledon Common, London, England
Date: April 6, 1997 22:20 UT

Here is an image of the spectacular Comet Hale Bopp. It was taken with a Pentax SLR camera using a normal Kodak Gold 400 film. Proof perhaps that astro photography is possible without any expensive extras. Obviously I used a tripod.

The first photograph was taken on Sunday 6th April at about 22.20 GMT. It was shot at Wimbledon Common in London (hence the light from the city provides the glow on the horizon). I took a number of shots with a standard 50mm lense, all at different exposures ranging from 10 to 20 seconds. I also varied the aperture. A hit and miss job. This was the best of the bunch. Incidentally I scanned the image from a print on an HP Scanjet 4C, but no matter how much I adjust the settings I still get some degree of false colour. Any experts viewing might be kind enough to give me a tip or two regarding scanning astronomy images. I regret that I have not been able to reproduce the photo in all its glory.

The second photograph is a close-up of a 300mm telephoto lens shot taken at the same time. This time the aperture was fully open. It would appear that a 10 second exposure doesn't show any planetary movement.

Jimi King

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