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Krause/Goerke Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


krau2_s.jpg141K krau3_s.jpg73K
Observers: Oliver Krause, Niklas Goerke
Location: Pass Bernina, Switzerland
Date: April 1, 1997 19:55-20:22 UT

Images obtained under excellent conditions at Pass Bernina near St. Moritz in Switzerland (2500m altitude). The limiting magnitude for the naked eye was nearly 7. All images were exposed on TMAX 400 pushed to 800 ASA. Guiding was done directly on the comet.

1. 250mm/5.6 1/Apr/97 Composite of two exposures: 19.55 - 20.00, + 20.05 - 20.15.

2. 750mm/5 (Newtonian + coma corrector) 1/Apr/97 20.05 - 20.22 (with satellite trail)

Oliver Krause + Niklas Goerke (

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