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Lim Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


lim4_s.jpg28K lim5_s.jpg116K lim6_s.jpg26K
Observer: Choon Kiat Lim
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Date: April 10, 1997 12:10-12:45 UT

All photos were taken from Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia. They were taken from Ricoh camera with Kodak PJM640 film. All are unguided.

Photo 1
This photo was taken around 1210UT on 10 April 1997. The exposure was around 30 sec. The comet on a blue background plus the orange colour horizon with some black cloud makes the photo among the best I have taken so far. The lens use is 50mm F1.4.

Photo 2
This photo was taken around 1245UT. 15 mins after this photo was taken, the comet has drop to near to the horizon to be seen. The cloud was illuminated by the four days old moon. The lens use is 50mm F1.4 45sec exposure.

Photo 3
I was surprise that this photo came out good. I use a 135mm F4 lens and 8 sec exposure. It was unguided.

Choon Kiat Lim

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