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Limber Observatory Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: David McDavid
Location: Limber Observatory, Pipe Creek, Texas
Date: March 29, 1997 01:39-02:04 UT

This image is a composite of eighteen 2 s exposures of the inner 5 arcmin of the coma of Comet Hale-Bopp, taken in red light (Cousins R filter with polarizers) betweeen 01:39 and 02:04 UT on March 29 with a Photometrics CCD camera (Thomson 512 chip) on the 0.4 m telescope at Limber Observatory. It has been processed with unsharp masking to bring out the "arcs" in the inner region of the coma.

The mask was made by smoothing the original image with a Gaussian with a sigma of 7 pixels (about 6 arcsec), truncated at 3 sigma. Then 85% of the mask intensity was subtracted from the original image. Logarithmic compression and a false color table were chosen to show the surrounding coma as well as the nuclear region.

David McDavid

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