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Madill Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Alan Madill
Location: Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada
Date: April 9, 1997

This is a shot taken through a friends f4.0, 600mm lens piggy-backed on top of a motor driven Dynamax 8 telescope. Fujichrome Professional 800 ASA film, about a 240" exposure. I am going to have to get the original negatives scanned. There is a wealth of information that is lost in the negative to print to scan process. I am reluctant to try to get that back by digital enhancement so most of these have had one pass with a unsharp mask and a bit of gamma correction. If anyone out there is trying to glean some scientific data out of these let me know and I'll make every effort to get some better data available. I also have some images taken at prime focus with an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain over a range of dates that show some good detail of the nucleus.

Alan Madill

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