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Masi Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


masi68_s.jpg22K masi68a_s.jpg18K
Observer: Gianluca Masi
Location: Ceccano, Italy
Date: April 6, 1997 18:57-19:12 UT

This first image is a five frame mosaic, each frame 1 min exposure. It is also visible the open cluster M34 in Perseus. The image has been log-scaled using a software done by me. Technical informations on the same pictures. Vixen SP R-150S 15 cm f/5 reflector telescope; CCD SBIG ST-7.

The second image shows the inner region of the coma, and uses the Larson/Sekanina algorithm to extract hidden comet's features. Technical informations on the same picture. Vixen SP R-150S; CCD SBIG ST-7; elaboration: QMiPS32.

Location: Ceccano (FR) Italy, 213 meters above sea level.

Gianluca Masi

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