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van de Mortel Drawings of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Theo van de Mortel
Location: Deurne, The Netherlands
Date: March 9-30, 1997

These drawings of the shell structure are based on observations from a 222mm reflector f/6 (104x). The location was: Deurne, The Netherlands. Although the sky brightness during the observation period was varying, thanks to almost continuing northern winds, the conditions were in general quite well, for our country even extremely good.

March 9,  1997 04:30 UT       March 22, 1997 04:15 UT
March 27, 1997 19:15 UT       March 28, 1997 19:00 UT
March 28, 1997 20:00 UT       March 30, 1997 19:15 UT

Theo van de Mortel

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