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Munro Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Duncan Munro
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: April 5, 1997 05:00 UT

I photographed the comet from April 5 3h UT to 6h UT. I discovered a luminous round "lump" in the comet gas tail which appeared to be moving away (comparing first and last frames) from the comet nucleous. I have searched in vain for other photos of the same region taken at the same time to try and confirm my finding. my photos were taken with a 300mm SMC Takumar f4 lens with kodak Ektachrome p1600. exposure times were between 5 and 10 minutes. I reported my finding to an astronomer at UBC but we are uncertain as to the actual cause of the image. I am leaning now towards the idea that it may have been an internal reflection in the lens, although I have never noticed this effect before. The image is centered on RA 02h 40m and Dec +45d 11min.

Duncan Munro

[Editor's Note: the ion tail of the comet is expected to show effect's from the Sun's solar wind, but this was not expected to occur until April 28, and this image was taken on April 5. If anyone would like to comment further or look at the other images, then contact Duncan Munro at his email address listed above].

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