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Mutti Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Martin Mutti
Location: Stockerenweg 1, Wichtrach, Switzerland
Date: March 2, 1997 04:29:08-04:44:37 UT

I have taken this morning a CCD color image of Hale Bopp with a 55mm foto objective from oberwichtrach, switzerland. The image is log enhanced and processed with unsharp mask. The center of the comet is bloomed out. CCD color image taken March 02 1997.

Time:			04:29:08 - 04:44:37 UT
Telescope:		Objective Minolta MD Macro F=55mm f/1.7
Observatory:    	Stockerenweg 1, Wichtrach, Switzerland
CCD-Camera:		SBIG ST-7 HiRes mode
Size:			7.2 x 4.8
			IR stop + red, green, blue filter
Integrations:   	red:    1 X 60 sec
                	green:  1 X 90 sec
                	blue:   1 X 300 sec
                	total:  450 sec
Image manipulation:	dark substract, flat field
			log enhance + unsharp mask
Imaging software:	CCDOPS36, PRISM

Martin Mutti

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