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Newport Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


newport1_s.jpg104K newport2_s.jpg89K
Observer: Tom Newport
Location: Fenton, Michigan
Date: April 15, 1997

1. This image was taken with a Canon AT-1 with a 100 mm lens at f1.8 for 18 seconds on Fuji 800 Plus film. It was very cold on this right with a temperature of 18 degrees F. and a wind chill of -5 degrees F. I drove 45 minutes to get to dark skies and I'll never regret doing so because of the great images that I received of this "once in a lifetime" comet!

2. This image of Hale-Bopp was taken with a Canon AT-1 with a 250 mm lens at f3.5 for 20 seconds on Fuji 800 plus. The temperature was 18 degrees F. with a -5 degrees F. I was amazed by the yellow dust tail and in particular the blue gas tail!

Tom Newport

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