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Pacholka Comet Hale-Bopp Image Featured In Time Magazine


To: Ron Baalke
From: Wally Pacholka

Well my passion since childhood finally paid off. Next week's Time magazine will be featuring a two page spread of one of my comet Hale-Bopp photos titled Hale-Bopp as seen from Mars" in their year end Best Pictures of the year edition due out Dec 16, 1997 (magazine dated Dec 22 issue). Also, today Enclycopedia Britannica requested an image for their 1997 Book of the Year.

Ron, none of this would have been possible without you and your awesome web page and presence. Thanks for letting small timers like me be a hit. I still can not believe that my photos taken with just a 35mm camera on a tripod or a 135 lens mounted piggyback on that 35 year old Tasco telescope bought at Sears at age twelve with paper route money could have generated such wide acceptance.

Thanks a thousand times.

Wally Pacholka

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