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Oetting Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


oet2_s.jpg47K oet3_s.jpg76K oet4_s.jpg83K oet5_s.jpg100K oet6_s.jpg85K oet7_s.jpg54K oet8_s.jpg84K oet9_s.jpg67K oet10_s.jpg89K oet11_s.jpg43K
Observer: Mark Oetting
Location: Colorado
Date: April 1997

These images were all taken around the 1st week of April, 1997. Almost every evening (and mornings) it was my mission to capture Hale-Bopp in a variety of creative settings. Armed with only my two small flashlights, automobile headlights and flashers, my duct-taped Minolta x700, some fuji 800 film, and an obsession, I would set out on the hunt. At the drop of a shutter release, I would just take off, leaving family and friends behind in Hale-Bopp's dust tail. "Hookin' a Ride on the Comet's Tail!"

Mark Shawn Oetting

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