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Pacholka Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


pach15_s.jpg327K pach16_s.jpg287K pach17_s.jpg235K
Observer: Wally Pacholka
Location: Joshua Tree National Park, California
Date: April 5, 1997 05:30-05:50 UT

The images of Hale-Bopp titled "First Contact" (See Earthly Giant's Fingers reaching out to touch the Comet) was taken 4/4/97 at about 9:30 PM with Fuji 800 film and Minolta 135mm lens at f/2 mounted "piggyback" on old Tasco 2.4 inch refractor telescope and hand guided for 6 minutes. Photos taken on a dark windy nite from the scenic rock formations of Indian Cove Campground at Joshua Tree National Park about 50 miles north of Palm Springs. While photographing the comet I met two guys that night who also drove the 150 miles from Orange County, Pete Leonhardt and Scott Patterson that were there to experience this great event. We had a great evening looking at and photographing this great celestial visitor.

It is my hope that those viewing these images take the time to get out and actually see the great heavenly wonders that are there for our pleasure and enjoyment and point to the incredible awesomeness of the creator.

Wally Pacholka

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