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Papenburg Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


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Observer: Ellen Papenburg
Location: Drayton, Ontario, Canada
Date: April 1, 1997 01:48, 02:11 UT

Nice shot of Hale-Bopp with a prominent blue gas tail next to the dust tail.

First image:
Equipment: an old Practica f/1.8-50mm not guided on tripod.
Date and time: 1 April 1997 1h48 UT
Exposure and film: 30 seconds on Fujicolor Super HG 1600 ASA/ISO.

Location: From a reasonably dark site in the country, 10 minutes from my house in Drayton, Ontario, Canada. The night was crisp, nippy, with a freezing breeze about -7 Celsius.

Second image:
Equipment: Telelens (f/3.8-205mm) guided with a "barndoor tracker" mounted on an old Unitron tripod. First time I used the tracker and I am very happy with it. Recommended! Next time I will try a longer exposure, when it gets clear again...

Exposure and film: 4 minutes on Kodak Royal Gold 1000 ASA/ISO.

Ellen Papenburg -

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