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Papenburg Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


pap3_s.jpg30K pap4_s.jpg28K pap5_s.jpg36K
Observer: Ellen Papenburg
Location: Drayton, Ontario, Canada
Date: April 10, 1997 02:23-03:19 UT

These are taken on April 10, 1997 UT times.

#1. Hale-Bopp with young moon and the Pleiades. Practica f/1.8-50mm not guided. Apr 10, 1997 - 2h23 UT 30 seconds on Fujicolor Super HG 1600 ASA.

#2. Hale-Bopp with Telelens guided with "barndoor tracker" Olympus OM2 with Vivitar f/3.8-205mm zoom Apr 10, 1997 - 2h59 UT 1 minute on Kodak Royal Gold 1000 ASA

#3. Hale-Bopp with standard lens guided with a "barn door tracker". Olympus OM-2S with standard f/1.8-50mm Apr 10, 1997 - 3h18 UT 45 seconds on Kodak Royal Gold 1000 ASA Ellen Papenburg -

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