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Pass Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Ralph Pass
Location: Massachussetts
Date: March 24, 1997 00:53 UT

This image is the combination of eight 20 second exposures using a 28mm F/3.5 lens stopped down to F/5.6 and attached to a Meade Pictor 416. The first image was taken at 00:53 UT on Mar 24, 1997. It shows Hale-Bopp close to M31. M31 is the little fuzzy on the left. (Who would have thought that an Astronomically significant image containing M31 would have M31 labeled the 'little fuzzy'!). The moon was full and had risen. The image was bilinearly corrected for skyglow and logarithmically scaled.

Ralph Pass

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