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Peck/Krumins Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observers: Michael Peck, George Krumins
Location: Champaign County, Illinois
Date: April 1, 1997 02:15 UT

A perihelion image taken 1 April 97 in rural southwest Champaign County, Illinois. Image data: taken 1 Apr. 97 approx. 0215UT. Accidental multiple exposure of ~15 min. total length. Nikon FM2 piggybacked on guiding telescope; 105mm f/2.8 micro-Nikkor @ f 2.8. Film: Ektachrome 100SW pushed 2 stops. Some post-processing was done in Photoshop to minimize skyglow from light pollution. Other image notes: Galactic nebula NGC 281 is visible in upper right. Open cluster NGC 457 is fairly obvious at upper middle.

Copyright 1997 Michael Peck, George Krumins

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