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Polakis Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


pol12_s.jpg38K pol13_s.jpg27K pol14_s.jpg25K
Observer: Tom Polakis
Location: Gillespie Dam, Arizona
Date: April 12, 1997

1. This is the seldom-photographed bridge near Gillespie Dam, over Arizona's trickling Gila River. Kodak Elite II 400 film with a 28 mm lens and a 15 second exposure.

2. From the same site as the first photograph, the occasional passage of a car illuminates the bridge nicely. 15mm fisheye lens at f/2.8 for 30 seconds on Elite II 400 film.

3. This is the even more seldom photographed Desert Rose Bar, in middle of nowhere even by Arizona standards. The comet is involved in a swirling Saturn-like object, while a tiny watchdog stands guard for the duration of the exposure. 55mm lens, f/2, 15 seconds, Elite II 400 film.

Tom Polakis

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