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Renneke/Shaw Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observers: David Renneke, Mike Shaw
Location: Rock Island, Illinois
Date: April 6, 1997 00:56 UT

2 min exposure, 85mm lens. Shown above is an image taken in the Augustana Observatory using a Minolta zoom lens at f/4 on an SBIG ST-6 CCD camera guided by the 14" telescope. The sky was clear with no moon. The comet was observed from 7:05 - 10:20 pm. Its altitude at 10:20 was only 4.5 degrees. It set at 11:15 pm. The observatory was open to the public from 7:15 to 10:00 so many people looked directly at the comet's coma through the telescope and also saw the CCD images shown above on the computer screen right after they were downloaded. The comet was a distance of 1.398 AU (130 million miles) from Earth and 0.914 AU (85.4 million miles) from the Sun.

David Renneke

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