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Renneke Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: David Renneke
Location: Milan, Illinois
Date: May 6, 1997 02:28 UT

This picture was taken at 9:28 pm CDT at a rural Milan site using a 135 mm lens at f/4 on an SBIG ST-6 CCD camera guided by a telescope. The sky was clear with no moon. It was windy which definitely improved the low-altitute sky quality (no jet contrails). At this magnification vibration due to the wind was not a problem. The comet was a distance of 1.858 AU (172 million miles) from Earth and 1.103 AU (102 million miles) from the Sun. It was at an altitude of 8 degrees. This was a 20 second exposure. False color was added to bring out the details. The size of the photo is 2.34 x 1.47 degrees.

David Renneke

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