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Rock Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observers: John Rock, Julie Rock
Location: Harrison Township, Michigan
Date: March 24, 1997 02:20 UT

This photo was taken amidst Metro Detroit's light pollution and the full moon prior to partial eclipse. We used a 10" Meade SCT with Kodak Gold 400 and a 20 second exposure. Since winter in SE Michigan yields so few star filled evenings, our excitement on viewing Hale-Bopp on the night of our 12th wedding anniversary was quite high. You will notice the image to be a bit blurred, that was due to a less than desired polar alignment. Once the problem was noted and corrected, Hale-Bopp was hiding behind trees. Now that we have photographed Hale-Bopp from the city, its off to the country on our next cloud free evening.

I think what is significant here is that neither the full moon, nor the city lights of Detroit were enough to dim out Hale-Bopp. This comet is here for all to enjoy whether you can make it to the deserts of the SW or from within the big city.

Julie and John Rock

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