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Rungrodnimitchai Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


rung4_s.jpg31K rung5_s.jpg62K rung6_s.jpg23K
Observer: Lerpong Rungrodnimitchai
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Date: April 18, 1997 03:45-04:45 UT

1st image: This shot was taken aroud 08:45 PM at the top of flag staff mountain in Boulder, CO on April 17. It was a perfect clear blue sky after a long term cloudy days. Technical Detail: Nikon F90X, FUJI Super G Plus 800 shot at 1600. 28 Nikkor lens set at f2.8 and 20 second exposure

2nd image: This shot was taken around 09:20PM over continental divide near Boulder CO on April 17. The lanscape is lit by the haft-moon light. Technical Detail: The same as first image but 25 seconds exposure

3rd image: The last picture of that day is creating a self portrait with the comet of the century at flag staff mountain on April 17 around 09:45. Technical detail: The same as 2nd image.

Lerpong Rungrodnimitchai

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