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Schwittek Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


sch6_s.jpg12K sch7_s.jpg11K
Observer: Bill Schwittek
Location: Peachland, North Carolina
Date: March 28, 1997 01:17, 01:37 UT

Both images were taken from Peachland, NC (about 30 miles SE of Charlotte, NC) on 3/28/97. Both images were scanned directly from the negative-no print made.

1) Taken at 1:37 UTC. It's a "wide field" image of Hale-Bopp reflected in one of our ponds. Exposure: 40 Sec, Lens: 50mm at f/1.4, Film: Fuji 400 print.

2) Taken at 1:17 UTC. Exposure: 5 Min, Lens: 200mm f/4, Film: Fuji 400 print.

William Schwittek

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