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Simon Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


simon9_s.jpg31K simon10_s.jpg20K simon11_s.jpg33K
Observer: Geoff Simon
Location: Pierre, South Dakota
Date: May 9, 1997 03:05-03:15 UT

Three views of Hale-Bopp and the new crescent moon shortly after sunset the evening of May 8 north of Pierre, South Dakota. The first photo, taken at 10:05 CDT, shows Hale-Bopp over the 770-megawatt powerplant of the Oahe Dam (enough electricity to run a city the size of Denver). The next two were taken about 10:15 CDT over Lake Oahe itself, with the second image featuring one of the budding cottonwoods along the shoreline. All photos were taken on Kodak Royal Gold 400 film, 20 to 30-second exposures at f 1.8.

Geoff Simon

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