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Sivo Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


sivo5_s.jpg66K sivo6_s.jpg83K
Observer: Joseph Sivo, John Sivo
Location: Staten Island, New York
Date: March 27, 1997 09:35 UT

This is an early morning view of Upper New York Bay, taken from Staten Island, looking North-North-East. Visible in the photo is the southern tip of Manhattan where the Hudson and East Rivers join to form the bay. The World Trade Center is visible, as well as the Brookyn and Manhattan Bridges on the right, and on the left... The Statue of Liberty.

Time: 4:35 AM Eastern
      March 27, 1997
Camera:  Pentax k-1000
Lens:    50mm,  stopped down to F/3.5
Film:    Fujicolor 400 ASA Super G Plus
Exposure: 15 sec, unguided
scanned at 200 dpi

Joe Sivo

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