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Spivack Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


spiv4_s.jpg93K spiv5_s.jpg57K
Observer: Warren Spivack
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Date: April 30, 1997 00:35-00:45 UT

Film - Fujicolor Super G Plus, 400 ISO. Camera - Konica FS-1, 35mm.

1. 8:35-8:45 PM (EDT) on April 29, 1997, lens: Tamron 38~100mm zoom set at 100mm, f/3.5. Exposure: 20 sec. Image "contrast-enhanced" with ColorIt! 2.0 auto contrast filter.

2. 8:35-8:45 PM (EDT) on April 29, 1997, lens: Spiratone 500mm mirror telephoto, f/8. Exposure 10 sec. Image filtered to increase contrast and brightness to better show the fading dust tail.

Warren Spivack

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