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Tervo Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


tervo1_s.jpg81K tervo2_s.jpg57K
Observer: Jan-Erik Tervo
Location: Raisio, Finland
Date: April 15, 1997 21:00 UT

These photos was taken on April 15th 1997, ~23:00 (GMT+2). You may wonder what's the location, well, it's a little town called Raisio which is located near Turku - the former capital of Finland (

Technical: Film: Fuji Super G-800 color negative, camera was a Fujica AX-1 with a 70-210mm Tamron zoom lens at 85mm, f/4, exposure time about 15 second. The negative was mastered to Kodak's PhotoCD and then image size was scaled to 512x768 and some balancing was made.

Jan-Erik Tervo

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