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Tighe Image of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Michael Tighe
Location: Arlington, Massachusetts
Date: April 9, 1997 02:00 UT

This picture was taken using 1000 ASA film (same lens as above) for about an eight second exposure on Tuesday April 8th. It was taken on the front walk of my house (seen on the left). The picture was taken fairly early in the evening (9:00pm) and the sky wasn't quite black - it was that dark blue you sometimes get. I had to wait for the clouds to open and take short exposures to guarantee capturing anything on film. The net result looks like you are seeing the comet in the daytime and still seeing the stars. I carefully had turned off the house lights to avoid flooding the image, and I especially like the tree shadow on the house from the street lights.

Michael Tighe

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