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Umbarger/Ford Imagex of Comet Hale-Bopp


umb1_s.jpg68K umb2_s.jpg59K
Observer: Lynn Umbarger and George Ford
Location: Bad Axe, Michigan
Date: April 2, 1997 04:00 UT

Camera: 35mm Konica SLR(on a fixed tripod)
Film: Kodak Gold Plus 400 ASA
Lens: 50mm
f-stop: 1.7
Music: Brian Eno and Robert Fripp
Beer: Bud Light/Labatts Blue(medisanal purposes)

#1 30 second exposure
#2 60 second exposure

Cold night, no humidity or wind; ideal viewing. Living in the northern subur bs of Detroit, we headed north up into the "Tip of the Thumb" of Michigan. Only Lake Huron was north of us, so the "light' we observed (orange and green) was assumed to be the Northern Lig hts. There was an acute flair-up during the 60 second exposure. Limiting magnitude around +7.0 .

Lynn Patrick Umbarger

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