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Vanderhoff Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


Observer: Dewey Vanderhoff
Location: Cody, Wyoming
Date: April 3, 1997 04:00-07:00 UT

Here's a set of five images taken by me ( with a little help from my friends ) last night; Wednesday April 2nd between 8PM and 11 PM - MST near our base of Cody Wyoming.


(1) 8X Panorama ......... eight 3 x 5 proof prints taped together and scanned in two create a panorama of the entire Milky Way luminousity visble at the time from the north horizon to the southeast. Comet Hale-Bopp and the urban light polutioon of Cody WY are visible at right..the Decadent Astronomer's star camp is visble at left. All pix were done with a 35mm lens set at f/2.8 for 60 seconds on Fuji Super G 800...the tripod's pseudo-polar axis was eyeballed towards the north galactic pole in Draco, then panned for each shot with plenty of overlap, and combined in Adobe Photoshop and removing the join lines. This was an inetresting experiment I promise to develop further....


(2) Darkman......... the photographer hisself silohuetted against the urban light pollution of Cody Wyoming under Hale Bopp ; exposure was shuttered by his firend Mack Frost for 52 seconds at f/2.8 on Fuji Super G 800 film; Nikon F2AS camera 35mm Nikkor f/2.0 lens


(3)Hail! Hale Bopp........ Andy Frazier adds a human touch to this portrait of Hale Bopp...he was lit briefly with a bright Krypton bulb flashlight at f/8 for three seconds, then the lens was opened to f/ 2.8 for 45 seconds ... shot on Fuji Super G-800 with a Nikon F2AS and 35mm Nikkor lens on Bogen tripod


(4) Red Reflections.... my favorite Hale Bopp picture to date. It's a self portrait shuttered by Mack Frost for 52 seconds at f/ 2.8 while I outlines myslef with a red filtered flashlight; Fuji Super G 800 in a Nikon F2AS with a 35mm Nikkor lens


(5) April Twilight........ a view of the northwest skyline of cody, Wyoming showing the planet Mercury setting at lower left; Hale Bopp at upper center, and the lights of Cody and distant heart Mountain and more distant Beartooth Mountains at lower right. The message of this photo is: Don't just look at the Comet...the whole spring sky this year is wonderful !

Dewey Vanderhoff

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