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Van Housen Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


vanh10_s.jpg34K vanh11_s.jpg31K
Observer: H.T. Van Housen
Location: Burlington, Wisconsin
Date: April 27, 1997

1. Photo taken 4/27/97 fl4.5 Film Kodak 1000 lens setting 130mm@10sec. This photo was taken just after sunset. Equipment used Canon EOS Rebel w/ EF 80-200 Zoom len.

2. Photo taken 4/27/97 fl5.6 Film Fuji 1600 lens setting 130mm@30sec. This photo was 2 exposures of 15 sec each. Equipment used Canon EOS Rebel w/ Ef 80-200 Zoom len. The time was around 10pm CDT and my landscaping lights came on just as the exposure ended. Used two rolls of film that last night of Hale-Bopp photography.

H.T VanHousen

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