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Van Housen Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


vanh1_s.jpg42K vanh2_s.jpg59K vanh5_s.jpg23K
Observer: H.T. Van Housen
Location: Burlington, Wisconsin
Date: April 14, 1997 01:41-02:49 UT

1. fl4.5 film Fuji1600 lens setting 130mm 10sec Taken 4/13 9:49 pm This photo Was taken just as a car started to climb the hill from the valley below, it's about 770 feet up the hill, to my home.. Equip used Canon ESO Rebel w/EF80-200mm lens.

2. fl2.0 Film Fuji800 setting 55mm 15sec Taken 4/13 8:41pm This photo was taken NW of Burlington Wi. Just after sun set with after light giving the halo of different blues. showing off the trees and the comet in the center.

3. fl 2.8 Film Fuji 1600 Lens setting 55mm @ 20sec Photo taken 4/13 9:45pm CDT. This photo was one in a roll of 36 that was recorded shot by shot in a note book to give me the best f stop along with the different time (exposures) after a review to see how each photo looked for that nights shoting, I recorded it for my next night of comet shot. Note the plane that was shot during the 20sec exposure.

H.T VanHousen

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