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Wahler Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


wah2.jpg10K wah3.jpg8K
Observer: Jim Wahler
Location: Middletown, Virginia
Date: April 8, 1997 02:15, 02:30 UT

All images taken with aOlympus OM2, on Kodak Royal Gold 1000, w/fixed camera mount, from just west of Middletown, VA. (N. Shenandoah Valley near Winchester)

1. 08 Apr 0215 UT. Vivitar 90mm, F4.5, aprox 80 seconds. Note the kink in the tail. Believe this due to VERY thin cirrus in the way!

2. 08 Apr 0230 UT. Vivitar 230mm, F4.5, aprox 60 seconds.

By the way, both of these lenses are zoom; 24-45 & 90-230.

Jim Wahler

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