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Whiddon Images of Comet Hale-Bopp


whi7_s.jpg125K whi8_s.jpg41K
Observers: Bill Whiddon, Nina Whiddon
Location: Red Rock Canyon State Park, California
Date: April 7, 1997

1. Street view in San Pedro, CA (in Los Angeles Basin). 30 sec at f/4 with 50 mm Nikon, Fuji 800. Copyright 1997 W. B. Whiddon

2. Hale-Bopp over the Vincent Thomas Bridge at the Los Angeles Harbor. This comet is bright enough to be seen even through some of the most light-polluted skies in the world. 3 sec exposure at f/5.6 with 50mm Nikon and Fuji 800. Copyright 1997 W. B. Whiddon

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